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Cooking Kits
Lu Ban Cooks Boxes

Choose Lu Ban Cooks boxes to receive the sachet ingredients to flavour your meal at home.

1. Order your Lu Ban Cooks Box
2. Buy the ingredients listed on the recipe card
3. Follow the recipe card to prepare and cook your meal

Dim Sum & Chinese Banquets
Chef Prepared Dim Sum & Banquets

Chinese dishes fully prepared by Lu Ban chefs for you to heat and eat at home.

1. Order your Dim Sum or Banquet selection
2. Follow the simple reheating instructions to eat

We can teach you to cook Chinese dishes

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What are people saying

"Ok so my inability to cook is legendary but thanks to Chef Dave Critchley at Lu Ban..... I've managed a salt pepper chicken, oyster beef & rice with soy & 5 spices. Amazing way to cook learn & socialise."

- Sarah G

Roger Pemberton

"Just wanted to let you know that we all had our meal last night and everyone really enjoyed it. It was a fun and tasty evening and we will be doing it again in the next couple of weeks."

Judith Mitchell

"Absolutely wonderful, even our 8 year old daughter who likes Chinese food, but not necessarily spice loved the Chicken wings and rice. Oyster beef tweaked with red onion and asparagus was top notch too. V big portions so leftovers for lunch tomorrow."