If you have a charity partner and are looking at innovative ways to fundraise and engage with your teams, this is the perfect option.

An engaging activity that everyone does at the same time whilst being able to join in with conversation, learn, ask questions and seeing what others are getting up to and is fun, energetic and a great team building exercise.


Your engaging activity with Lu Ban Kitchen is a live cooking party where everyone uses a Lu Ban cooking kit to prepare and cook the same meal at the same time from their own kitchen, with a Lu Ban chef live demonstrating the methods and explaining the process from the Lu Ban Restaurant (there would be variations for meat eaters and vegetarians of course). It involves learning and results in a great meal for everyone involved.

We host the event on your behalf so you don't need to do.


In advance of the cookalong each participant buys their event specific cooking kit from this website. The cooking kit will contain the marinades/oils/rubs for three Chinese dishes prepared by Lu Ban, together with step by step cooking instructions for the day, and a small shopping list of the food they will need to buy themselves.

Depending on the three event dishes selected by the charity there may be a little preparation required before the party begins (for example, meat may need to be marinated for an hour before cooking) – these instructions will be highlighted in the description of the event specific Lu Ban Cooks box, and will also be emailed to each person before the day of the event, along with the Zoom meeting link and entry password.

On the day of the event everyone can take part using their phone or laptop in their kitchen. The live cooking session is led by a Lu Ban chef who will explain and demonstrate how to prepare the three Chinese dishes. Guests will work alongside the chef (as well as being able to follow supplied instructions from the Lu Ban Cooks box). By the end of the #lubancookalong session, each guest will have had fun, learned about Chinese food and cooking methods, and have a fully ready meal of three dishes to enjoy at home.

You will need to to promote the event to your colleagues/intended guests so that they purchase the Lu Ban Cooks Box to raise as much money as possible for your partner charity. It is possible to buy the Cooks Box and cook separately from the live session, although in the spirit of getting together and socialising, guests will get a lot out of taking part in the cookalong, and it is possible to get family members involved, if that is the aim of your cookalong.


  1. You choose the cooking kit (the Lu Ban Cooks box) of three dishes. We can offer recommendations based on preferences and ease of cooking. A vegetarian alternative will be recommended.
  2. You decide on the amount you'd like your guests to pay on top of the £10 base cost for the cooking kit. This is the fundraising element of the event. If you wish to add £5 to the cost of the box, the charity will receive £5 per box sold (minus proportionate third party online payment processing fees).
  3. A specific event date is agreed between you and Lu Ban.
  4. Lu Ban creates an online product for the three chosen dishes which is available for sale.
  5. You promote the event to your staff, friends and supporters, directing them to the Lu Ban Kitchen web page to buy your charity product. A minimum goal of 30 participants is suggested to support your fundraising, though we can organise a Zoom session for hundreds of people..
  6. If you would like your event to be opened out to a wider public audience, Lu Ban will publish details of the event on its social media accounts and enable anyone to purchase the Cooks box from the website.
  7. A rehearsal Zoom call will be set up between you and Lu Ban to practise using the technology and for team members to be introduced online.
  8. Final sales are made one week prior to event date (later purchases may not arrive via the post on time).
  9. One the day of the event. The cooking session will be set for an agreed evening time. The Zoom call will open to organisers 30 minutes before the public can join.
  10. The charity or business representative may choose to welcome guests then hand over to Lu Ban chef to start the live cooking session which will last for 60-90 minutes.
  11. Once cooking is finished, guests are encouraged to go and enjoy their meal and the event is wrapped up.
  12. Lu Ban Kitchen sends raised funds over to the charity's account by bank transfer within 14 days after the event.