Lu Ban Dim Sum Collection

Our Lu Ban Dim Sum Collection are a range of Dim Sum dishes that are delicious and easy to heat. They arrive at your door fully prepared, all you need to do is follow the provided instruction for steaming.
Choose Lu Ban Heat at Home and Dim Sum Collection to receive complete and fully prepared fresh dishes to simply open, heat and eat. Simply:

1. Order your Dim Sum Collection dishes
2. Follow the recipe cards to heat, and then eat

It is commonly understood that dim sum refers to bite-sized portions of food that is usually served in steamer baskets. The traditional meaning of dim sum is more spiritual; food to ‘touch the heart’ that has been prepared with love and gives nourishment and healthy wellbeing to the diner. Our dim sum is prepared with care and attention using fine ingredients, and we hope that you enjoy your mouthfuls of Lu Ban delights!

Delivered to your door in packaging made specially for transporting food by courier, your fresh food will remain chilled for 24 hours from dispatch, allowing you time to be able to refrigerate for up to 3 days before use.

Each dish contains two servings and if you are looking to order a complete meal we recommend ordering three dim sum collection dishes, or a single dim sum dish plus a main and a side dish from the Heat at Home collection (to serve 2 people).