Cooking Kits

Lu Ban Cooks Boxes are full of flavour and make a great Chinese meal so easy.

We prepare and supply sachets with the flavours for three separate Chinese dishes as rubs, oils and sauces in vacuum sealed packs, together with step by step cooking instructions and small list of food ingredients that you will need to buy for your meal.

1. Order your Lu Ban Cooks Box
2. Buy in the ingredients noted on the recipe card
3. Follow the recipe card to prepare and cook your meal

All you need to do is decide which three dishes you’d like to make – we there are over 25 dishes to choose from, or you can go for one of our recommended selections depending on your preference for beefpork, prawn and chicken, or vegetarian. Each recipe is designed to serve 2 people.

You can also and add Champagne, gin or cocktails to your order for a fabulous night in!

Lu Ban Cooks boxes serve 2 people, though you can use the ingredients to flavour your ingredients for up to 4 people. Your box arrives as a slim package which can fit through most standard sized letterboxes.

No MSG. No artificial preservatives.