Roast Duck and Pancakes – serves 2


Who can resist the gorgeous taste of cherry wood roasted duck leg? With orange, plum and hoi sin sauce, cucumber, pancakes, green onion and Lu Ban spice it is a restaurant favourite. The perfect dish to accompany any Chinese meal.

Serves 2 (two duck legs).

We freeze your dishes to keep them fresh which means they are likely to arrive still frozen. Please select your delivery date for at least the day before you intend to eat them to allow them time to defrost. Your dishes can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days before heating.


Cherry wood roasted jack fruit, orange, plum and hoi sin sauce, pancakes, Lu Ban spice


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Duck leg, hoi sin sauce, orange marmalade, star anise, honey, wheat, cucumber, green onion, salt, brown sugar, Chinese 5 spice.


Cereals containing gluten, soybeans


Lu Ban dishes are created in the Lu Ban restaurant kitchen where other food is prepared and may contain ingredients listed in the current list of Food Standards Agency allergens.

Storage Instructions

Prior to reheating store your dish in the fridge do not freeze