Lu Ban Kitchen (5)

Your Heat at Home dishes and Lu Ban Cooks boxes are prepared by chefs right here in the Lu Ban Restaurant kitchen in Liverpool. Set in a vibrant location at the heart of Liverpool's creative Baltic Triangle, Lu Ban Restaurant has earned its place as one of Liverpool's favoured restaurant venues.

Using state of the art cooking equipment, induction woks and traditional methods, this is where the magic happens.

Lu Ban Kitchen (4)

The Lu Ban kitchen is a busy kitchen. Preparing dishes for restaurant service by night, and dishes for Heat at Home by day, everyone has the opportunity to experience the authentic flavours of the Tianjin region of China.

Lu Ban Executive Head Chef Dave Critchley is the first ever international and non-Chinese apprentice and the final apprentice of Master Wu, a National Level Master Chef of China. The prestigious invitation to become Master Wu's final apprentice holds much honour as he will pass on his lifetime of knowledge, skill and expertise in Chinese Culinary Art to Dave, as well as his collection of secret recipes.

The dishes you see at Lu Ban Restaurant and Lu Ban Kitchen are directly influenced by the flavours and traditions that you would experience in Tianjin, China.

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