Lu Ban Heat at Home

Lu Ban Heat at Home dishes make enjoying an authentic Chinese meal at home so easy. Using fine ingredients and preparation methods, your complete dishes are prepared in the Lu Ban kitchen by chefs and are ready for you to heat and eat at home.

Delivered to your door in packaging made specially for transporting food by courier, your fresh food will remain chilled for 24 hours from dispatch, allowing you time to be able to refrigerate for up to 3 days before use.

Each dish comes with heating instructions, and you can create a feast of gorgeous high quality Chinese food at home. Simply open, heat and enjoy.

You can even choose to upgrade your order and add Champagne, gin or cocktails for a fabulous night in – perfect for birthdays and celebrations.

Each Heat at Home dish contains two servings and if you are looking for a complete meal, we recommend ordering two main dishes and a side dish from the Heat at Home collection (to serve 2 people). If you have a lighter appetite, you might opt for one main dish and one side dish (to serve 2 people).